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Pixel AI from Profit Oath are very good because i can see chart in cellphones with analysis that is easy to read, 3 green buy and it is proven! Price is increase. Besides that, the Godline from bot is also stable because it can be the strongest resistance or support. Simple and affordable sophisticated bots that are needed from beginners to pros for analysis that is easier and can be done anywhere.


Property Management

While using AI from ProfitOath, the feature it is very helpful in trading. And the AI support fibonacci too. I like the pixel feature because it is 90% accurate and gives profit, so it's very simple and very easy to get profit with AI from ProfitOath. So let's hurry join the AI ​​from ProfitOath and get your own profit with this AI.

Stephen Wijaya

Collage Student

Using a AI bot from Profit Oath is easy and practical, the accuracy is good too. For those who often trade in office hours or who are rarely in front of a laptop, it is very helpful because now they don't have to always open a charting program to take positions. Even if given a stock recommendation, what support and resistance, average, and pixel color can be checked directly, so that it can help make decisions. So far satisfied with its performance.


Interior Designer

Helpful ! The pixel really for sure tell us to buy, hold or sell. Snr feature is a benchmark of resistance support. Really Amazing πŸ˜€πŸ˜€



In using this AI bot, it is very helpful in making decisions to buy the stock that i want. Makes it easy for me to determine support and resistance and when to buy and sell.

Hutrima Cahyadi

Collage Student

Initially I was quite doubtful whether this could really bring profit or even loss. Finally so as not to be curious I tried it. It turns out that the AI BOT from Profit Oath really gives amazing results, high accuracy and charts are very easy to read. Even wherever and whenever I can get analysis just by using a cellphone. Moreover the price is very affordable even if I can say it's VERY CHEAP !! BIG thanks to Profit Oath !



Before getting to know the AI BOT from this Profit Oath, I spent hours analyzing many pairs. but by using AI Bot from Profit Oath, I only need to chat to AI BOT and AI BOT will provide the analysis, so I know when I have to buy and sell quickly, easily and with high accuracy. Thank you Profit Oath, i can spent times with my family much longer !


Senior Manager

Profit is a daily meal for my trading account, using this AI BOT my trading is easier and can have more time, this AI BOT in my opinion is very cheap and gives me a lot of profit! Thanks Profit Oath.



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