How To Start The Right Investment For Business Owners

How To Start The Right Investments For Business Owners?

Investment is one of the strategic steps in planning for an established future life. By investing, you feel safe in old age. However, how to get started?

To get a guarantee of a prosperous and financially free future, you can become a business owner or investor. However, not everyone can have a business, but everyone can invest.


The investment process starts with a willingness to make life more prosperous. There was never anyone who decided to invest for fun reasons. Like financial planning, the process of carrying out investments requires discipline and commitment.

How to start investing? If you already know your financial goals in the future, then you must start looking for a variety of investment products that are available and suitable for you. Read books and articles about investing, contact an independent financial planner, or take an investment seminar. If the information has been obtained, compile a list of investment products that you can immediately implement. In the previous article, investment was the key to obtaining financial freedom.


The most popular type of investment now is mutual funds. The factor that makes mutual funds more attractive is because they are cheap, easy, and comfortable. Only with a minimum capital of IDR 100,000, you can already open an investment account in a mutual fund. Nothing wrong if this investment is suitable for those of you who have limited capital.

Why are mutual fund investments so cheap? Mutual funds are a collection of funds that are managed to buy shares, bonds, or other financial instruments. Because of this pool of funds, investors do not need large transaction costs to invest. With a minimum fund of Rp 100,000, you can already run an investment fund.


In addition, mutual funds are also known as the easiest capital market investment products. Because you only have to trust your funds in mutual funds to be managed by an experienced Investment Manager (MI). This means that you no longer have to bother thinking about choosing and managing your mutual fund investment portfolio. As a mutual fund owner, you can still monitor investment developments regularly by looking at the net asset value on the online dashboard.


Mutual fund investment is now easier to follow because there is already a mutual fund supermarket called TRADING ASSITANCE from This is an online service to make it easier for investors to buy mutual funds. The TRADING ASSITANCE online mutual fund supermarket service aims to increase investment opportunities and equitable access to information for the public, as well as to manage their investments online and affordably.


How do you start investing in mutual funds? You simply open the website, there you will be shown the most complete variety of mutual funds in Indonesia, with 29 Investment Managers and 137 Mutual funds. Just choose the product that suits your financial goals.


TRADING ASSITANCE offers an online dashboard that gives you total access to monitor the development of mutual fund investments so that it is very transparent in monitoring profits, costs, and risks.

The advantages of mutual fund investment through TRADING ASSITANCE are tax-free and administration fees. This investment is very light so you get a net profit without additional taxes.


From this explanation, of course, you are increasingly convinced that the investment prospects of mutual funds are indeed promising compared to just saving or investing money in conventional deposits.

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