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Investments That Will Be Popular For Millennials In 2020
Investments That Will Be Popular For Millennials In 2020

Investments That Will Be Popular For Millennials In 2020

Hi, millennial, what is your financial resolution this year? Do you want to be more active in investing or are you just about to start investing? Then, what kind of investment will be popular among millennials in 2020?


Before discussing the types of investments that will rise, let’s take a quick look at Indonesia’s economic conditions. As stated in a press release from Grant Thornton Indonesia, entering 2020, it seems that Indonesia cannot expect much from the projected economic growth. Some institutions such as the World Bank, IMF, and ADB projected that Indonesia’s economic growth would be in the range of 5.1 percent-5.2 percent or below the 2020 State Budget target of 5.3 percent.


This is still influenced by global economic conditions which are predicted to slow down with the tension between the United States and China and various problems related to Brexit that have not yet been resolved.

However, future stable economic activity in Indonesia in the wake of the 2019-2024 government cabinet should encourage a more positive investment climate.


Grant Thornton Indonesia summarizes three investments this year which are expected to be increasingly popular, including among millennials. Changes in lifestyle and environmental demands often require additional income. In addition, the large flow of investment-related information is enough to open millennial eyes to start investing.


Johanna Gani, Managing Partner of Grant Thornton Indonesia, said that many factors influenced millennials to start investing. “The most important consideration is usually not large capital and ease of access through the platform that they use every day,” he said.

Investments in early 2020 which according to Grant Thornton are appropriate for millennials are:


Peer to peer lending (P2P lending) is an investment choice that is in high demand by the public, including millennials. When compared to time deposits or mutual funds, the rate of return can reach double or more. And if there is a default, the risk will also be lower with a return within a month.


Apart from that P2P lending has good diversification, there is no long-term commitment. Incessant P2P lending organizers to educate the market by selling conveniences such as easily accessed anywhere, both via mobile apps and websites will be increasingly attractive to millennials.



With the skyrocketing popularity of fintech today, crowdfunding investment has become an alternative to raising funds without the need for an IPO. Although it looks the same as the existing investment concept, it is only done for issuers listed on the Indonesia Stock Exchange (IDX). While those who need funding are not only companies that have IPOs


Well, equity crowdfunding is a solution for millennials to help other millennials or MSMEs who are pioneering small businesses and retails that are close enough to the creative industries to be able to increase production capacity to grow faster.


Some people think that gold is a conventional investment, but this investment shows a significant increase and will be predicted to increase continuously in 2020. Same thing with P2P lending, the value of gold is also not easy to fluctuate and resistant to inflation fluctuations, and minimal risk.


In addition, now with the presence of installment services and saving gold starting from 1 gram in several e-commerce sites that become digital touchpoints for millennials, it is easier to train investments from an early age. Through technology, millennials can monitor the price of gold on the market today through mobile apps. Gold circulation is also very easy to reach.

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